Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Some fun things to do inside when it is too cold to go outside!

1. Paint snow in a bowl or on a baking sheet with watercolors.
2. Make a fort with pillows, chairs, blankets, etc. (swimming noodles are great for this!).
3. Bake something!
4. Get out the old cards, magazines, construction paper, scissors, glue, feathers, glitter, etc. and make homemade valentines or collages.
5. Write a book about a special day or person using either photos or drawings (you can even do this for your baby!). The familiar pictures and repetitive text increase literacy awareness even at an early age.
6. Get out the paper plates and go for a skate around the house!
7. Use a scarf or belt to hang bells if you have them and have your child take you for a sleigh ride around the house (thread belt under your arms). Maneuver furniture if possible so they have things to go all the way around.
8. Give a long, warm bath with tub-safe toys that they normally don't take in the tub (dolls and action figures are great!). Toys will get clean along with the kid and new underwater adventures will be imagined. Make sure to add warm water frequently, they might be in there a while!
9. Put together a puzzle or play a board game.
10. Turn on some music with any of the above activities or just turn on the music and dance!